The video clips below represent a variety of projects that JLChicote has worked on.

Disclaimer: All image, video, audio and trade names are reproduced here  for demostration or illustrative purposes only. They remain the copyright of the owners of said material.

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  • Canal Plus 3D
    Canal Plus 3D
    2D version of the first estereostcopic clip for TV in Spain. Produced by VisualZink. Music composed by José Luis Chicote. Mixed in 5.1 in Drax Audio.
  • 4+1 Film Festival
    4+1 Film Festival
    Header for the Film Festival 4+1. Original music by Jose Luis Chicote. Produced in Round Sound, Madrid.
  • Mondosonoro «Maquina de Escribir» Radio
    Mondosonoro «Maquina de Escribir» Radio
    Composition and Sound Design by Jose Luis Chicote
  • La Sexta «Informativos»
    La Sexta «Informativos»
    Headers for News in the national channel La Sexta. Original music by José Luis Chicote.
  • Repsol «Videojuego»
    Repsol «Videojuego»
    Original music by José Luis Chicote. Sound design by Javier Abril. Produced in Classic & New Madrid.
  • Fiat Dobló Radio «Batoolcada»
    Fiat Dobló Radio «Batoolcada»
    Radio campaing for Fiat Dobló. Music by José Luis Chicote, produced in Round Sound, Madrid
  • La Sexta «Al Rojo Vivo»
    La Sexta «Al Rojo Vivo»
    Header and Ids for La Sexta. Oroginal Music by José Luis Chicote. Produced in Round Sound, Madrid.
  • Signslator
    SIGNSLATOR. TBWA campaign with original music composed and produced by JL Chicote in Round Sound, Boadilla del Monte.
  • AXN Branding
    AXN Branding
    AXN branding. Original music and sound design by José Luis Chicote.


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